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Take your business to the next level

We are the best partner to structure and grow your business.
With our exclusive advisory services, entrepreneurs find dedicated experienced resources to help them in a wide range of fields such as Strategic Planning, Financial Modelling, Startup funding, Go to market strategies or Market Research.
What is the next milestone for your company?
Let’s team up and exceed your expectations for your next business challenges. Together!

Launch Your Business

Writing a business plan is a key to your success.
Our experts will help you bring clarity and focus to your project, evaluate feasibility and establish a long term strategic plan, in a creative way.

Strategic Planning

As former executives and entrepreneurs in majors industries, we have acquired great proficiency in seeing and analysing the "big picture".

Business Modeling

Generating revenue from your value proposition can be difficult but is essential. Let's create your monetization strategy to make your business profitable, healthy and scalable.

Corporate Funding

Put the odds on your side and use the support of our team to reach your funding goals.
No matter your startup's stage, our experience with VC funding and ICO's is truly valuable to shorten and optimize the process.

Business Development

We'll help you identify your target and narrowing it down to the highest growth potential niche for a successful Go-to-Market strategy.
We have the know-how to maximize the value of growth processes like joint ventures and partnership.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A is really all about strategy. You must create a sustainable advantage over your competitors.
Connecting the understanding of your business to a strategic planning and its execution will get you there.

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  • I had the pleasure to work with JeD Partners in the process of M&A. I was impressed by their mind-blowing skills and adaptive abilities. They made me save valuable time and capture maximum value from the deal. Definitely a must!

    “ CEO, High Tech company”


Our team of experienced entrepreneurs and former corporate executives will help your business grow at a faster pace by bringing clarity to your strategic goals and better laying out the plan of attack.
Embedded is our keyword: our teams is your team. Day after day


We conceive the materials you need: the content and design of your corporate presentation, business plan and strategic marketing brochures.


We assist your company along the way with M&A, fundraising and strategic processes to optimize the transaction results.


Our international experienced experts will help you build the strategic planning you need to expand and grow your business in the most cost effective way.

Jump start your business and uncover your true business potential!

Let's help your organization reach its goals by revealing and realizing their true potential


The partnership between global business executives who are also successful serial entrepreneurs can only produce magic!
Creativity, innovation, ability to set concrete goals and unwavering optimism are just a sample of our common specificities Not to mention the ability to adopt new leadership strategies depending on the situation.
Anyhow, you get it. You have a here the opportunity the get the expertise you need to take off your business from ground to heights. Our Values: Excellence. Passion. Integrity

Our Leadership Team

David Sultan

David Sultan

Managing Partner
Joel Bloch

Joel Bloch

Managing Partner


We love new challenges and can't wait to hear about your company needs.
Leave us a quick message here and we'll get back to you with a plan.

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